Bidhan Sishu Udyan

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1 July, 1962 the day of passing away of Dr. Bidhan Ch Roy . The hammering came on the day of celebration of his birthday party . Although he was aged but nobody was prepared for his sudden departure .The whole state was crying like the infant babies
. That was an unforgettable scene.The house of the Wellington Square is just like a spiritual place . In the eyes of bengalies he was the creativator of the new young bengal. The sudden and silent departure of him was break the heart of bengalies much more because he was so active . They knew that it is very tough to get a person like him .It is very uncapable to get that too.

The Dr. B.C Roy memorial Committee was formed on 4 july , 1962 , the three days after his passing away . Chairman was Tusar kanti Ghosh , vice Chairman was Ashok Kr. Sarkar , Editor was Atulya Ghosh , Cashier B.M Birla . Many crean
members of the society was joined to make this mission successful . They had taken
the oath
to the something for the society not to only established the idol of Dr. Bidhan Ch. Roy. The direction was given to the committee from the Public meeting that they have to establish 200 beds for the Child Hospital and 25 lakhs of Rupees they have to collect. Further they gave the instruction that the excess money will go to the “Bidhan Sishu Uddyan’’

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